Conference tracks
INSCI'2018 welcomes submissions to a wide range of topics (not limited to) in the following six tracks:

Internet and Societal Structures
  • The concepts of citizen empowerment via Internet in local and regional contexts
  • Social stratification and inequalities of group representation online
  • Internet communities, social polarization, and dialogue potential
  • Socially harmful practices and content in online communication

Internet and Digital Politics
  • Online political freedoms in policing and in effect: regional and local perspectives
  • Citizen involvement into decision-making: platforms, actors, and experiences
  • Political discussions online: issues and groups behind them
  • E-governance practices of today's authorities
  • Internet regulation: security vs. openness

Internet and Free Communication Patterns
  • Freedom of speech online: a contested area of policing
  • Algorithms as new total communicative power
  • Extremist and radical talk online and policies against it
  • Universal Internet freedoms vs. dark web
  • Post-truth practices online

Internet and New Political Economy
  • Economic power of online platforms: expropriation of digital labour
  • Digital corporations: world leaders and regional alternatives
  • Analogous elites, technological precariat
  • Enhancement of body and the new poor
  • Digital professions and reshaping of online labour markets

Internet and Global Access Opportunities
  • Global and local faces of today's digital divide
  • Internet and life-long learning practices around the world
  • Global media online: translation and language divide
  • Empowerment of disabled with new body extensions
  • Post-human and tech-human individuals and societies

Internet and Data Protection
  • Data openness vs. user protection
  • Limits of privacy and anonymization
  • Clouds and data protection regulation
  • Global tech powers and alternative solutions
  • Blockchain technologies as promise and threat