October 24
October 24
October 23, 2018

3 – 5 pm – Registration
Downstairs at School of Journalism and Mass Communications, St.Petersburg State University
26, 1st line of Vasilievsky island, St.Petersburg 199004 Russia

October 24, 2018

Room 603
9 – 9.30 am – Registration

9.30 - 10 am - Welcome speeches
Anatoly Puyu, Director, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, SPbU
Svetlana S. Bodrunova, Program chair, INSCI'2018
Nikita Basov, Center for German and European Studies, SPbU

10 – 11.30 am – Plenary podium discussion on user empowerment and social networks in world regions
Arseny Ashomko, VK.com, Moscow, Russia
Asbjørn Følstad, SINTEF, Oslo, Norway
Anastasia Foltz, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Christian Voigt, Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation, Vienna, Austria
Jack Pan, The Poem For You, Bejing, China
Moderator: Svetlana Bodrunova, St.Petersburg State University, Russia

11.30 - 12 am - coffee break, Room 604

Room 603
12 am – 1 pm – Keynote speech
Olessia Koltsova, National Research University - Higher School of Economics (St.Petersburg), Russia
Internet Research in the Era of Closing Data: Lost Opportunities and Ways Out

1 – 2 pm – lunch, Room 604

Room 603
2 - 2.30 pm - Keynote project presentation
Jack Pan, Be My Guest and The Poem For You, China
The Poem For You: Today's Challenges for Non-Commercial Online Projects in China

2.30 – 3.45 pm – Panel 1: Detecting Harmful Content in World Languages
Chair: Olessia Koltsova

Diana Ramirez-Cifuentes, Marc Mayans, Ana Freire
Early risk detection of anorexia on social media

Victoria Dudina, Anna Tsareva
Studying Stigmatization and Status Disclosure among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Russia through Online Health Communities

Svetlana Bodrunova, Ivan Blekanov, Nina Zhuravleva, Mikhail Kukarkin
Negative A/Effect: Sentiment of French-Speaking Users and Its Impact upon Affective Hashtags on Charlie Hebdo

Joni Salminen, Juhani Luotolahti, Hind Almerekhi, Bernard J. Jansen, Soon-Gyo Jung (Skype)
Neural Network Hate Deletion: Developing a Machine Learning Model to Eliminate Hate from Online Comments

Rooms 603, 302
3.45 – 4.45 pm – Parallel panels 2 and 3

Room 603
Panel 2: Online Audiences and Their Borders: User Effects
Chair: Anna Smoliarova

Nora Alrajebah, Leslie Carr, Thanassis Tiropanis

The Platform Effect: Analysing User Activity on Tumblr

Danil Bliznyuk, Elena Yagunova, Ekaterina Pronoza
Similarity Measures and Models for Movie Series Recommender System

Asbjørn Følstad, Cecilie Bertinussen Nordheim, Cato Alexander Bjørkli
What Makes Users Trust a Chatbot for Customer Service? An Exploratory Interview Study

Room 302
Panel 3: Online Audiences and Their Borders: Modeling Instruments
Chair: Darja Judina

Gennady Shtekh, Polina Kazakova, Nikita Nikitinsky, Nikolay Skachkov
Exploring Influence of Topic Segmentation on Information Retrieval Quality

Darja Judina, Konstantin Platonov
Measuring Agenda Setting and Public Concern in Russian Social Media

Bernard J. Jansen, Soon-Gyo Jung, Joni Salminen, Jisun An, Haewoon Kwak (Skype)
Combining Behaviors and Demographics to Segment Online Audiences: Experiments with a YouTube Channel

4.45 - 5 pm - coffee break, Room 604

Room 603
5 – 6.30 pm – Keynote speeches
Cornelius Puschmann, Hans-Bredow-Institut, Germany (Skype)
Biased or diverse? Measuring algorithmic personalization in search results and news recommendations
Katharina Esau, University of Duesseldorf, Germany
Listening in Online Political Discussions

Sokos Palace Bridge, 7 pm – Get-together