Fees and visas
Participation fees
    • Presenter, UN Tier 1 country - early-bird: 250 euro, regular: 300 euro
    • Presenter, UN Tier 2 country - early-bird: 200 euro, regular: 250 euro
    • Presenter, UN Tier 3 country - early-bird: 170 euro, regular: 200 euro
    • PhD student presenter - early-bird: 150 euro, regular: 200 euro
    • Panel participation (up to 4 papers): 400 euro
    • Workshop/tutorial panel (up to 4 participants): 400 euro
    • Workshop/tutorial and conference access - early-bird: 40 euro, regular: 60 euro (with an abstract / policy paper accepted)
    • Workshop participation with a short/full paper accepted - early-bird: 100 euro, regular: 120 euro
    • Open Day (workshops/tutorials) observer access - free (registration via website is needed)

    The lists of countries by tier may be found here: https://www.icahdq.org/page/tiers

    The prices are subject to corrections till July 18, 2018 according to inflation rates.
    Payment instructions
    Please note that there is NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION; the payment period for the main conference closes October 1, 2018.

    Conference early-bird registration: July 17 to August 17, 2018
    Conference regular registration: August 18 to September 30, 2018

    Workshop early-bird registration: September 26 to October 15, 2018
    Workshop regular registration: October 16 to 20, 2018

    Early-bird conference registration (country tier-dependent)
    Regular conference registration (country tier-dependent, after August 17)
    PhD conference participation (regular)
    Payment for a workshop
    Participation in a workshop with a paper accepted (early-bird)
    Participation in a workshop with a paper accepted (regular, after August 17)
    Conference and workshops access without publication (early-bird)
    Conference and workshops access without publication (regular, after August 17)
    Open-Day visitor pass (workshops and tutorials, free of charge)
    Visa support
    St.Petersburg University provides visa support for the conference participants. Visa invitation letters will be sent out on request.
    Please send us a letter to insci2018@spbu.ru in case you need a Russian visa.